our puppy is a genius

Blue update #2—Weeks 10 & 11

In the past two weeks we dog sat another puppy, marveled at Blue’s genius, and had a potty training regression.  

My favorite things about the past two weeks:

  • Transitioning to only getting up with Blue once every night.
  • Getting lots of good puppy snuggles and kisses.
  • Watching tiny Blue climb up and down our stairs.

My least favorite things about the past two weeks:

  • The great potty training regression of 2018.
  • Hand bruises from sharp puppy teeth.

Things I have learned:

  • That Blue is really really smart.
  • That Blue is already great at posing.
  • That Blue loves to please us.

Blue has gained over five pounds since we brought her home.  At her eight week vet visit she weighed 10.8 pounds and at her 11 week vet visit, she weighed 15.8 pounds.  We feel pretty good about her size and are hoping she is right in the sweet spot when she is an adult, which should be between fifty-five and sixty-five pounds.  She is happy and healthy and still learning daily.  It is amazing to watch her pick up on things.

For the most part, things got easier for us as a family these weeks compared to the first two.  I have definitely grown more attached to our high energy fur ball and absolutely love her snuggles and puppy kisses.  She is really good at hugs and snuggles, especially when she is tuckered out after playing with a puppy friend.

On the weekend Blue turned 11 weeks, we dog sat our friend’s puppy who is one month older than Blue and twice her size.  He is a shepherd mix—a herding breed—and is much more calm and less high energy than our girl Blue.  He is also better at sleeping through the night than she is.  And while they were both mostly house trained in their own homes, this weekend turned into utter chaos that caused both dogs to regress a little bit.

Our visiting pup wasn’t sure how or where to potty at our house, so he decided that inside was the perfect spot.  We had a lot of accidents the first couple days, especially because he refused to go outside.  At first Blue just observed this, but eventually she started to go inside as well.  As you can imagine, this got pretty frustrating.   

The short story is, we got the dogs on a strict schedule for going outside.  If they weren’t in their crates, they were going outside every twenty minutes, whether or not we thought they had to go.  This cut down on the accidents dramatically, and improved our relationship with them as well.

Dog sitting also emphasized repeatedly how intelligent our Blue is.  Not in comparison to the other dog, but just in the way that she would help him when he didn’t understand.  For example, he was terrified of going down our stairs, so Blue got right next to him and went down every step with him one at a time.  He also kept chewing my carpet, so Blue finally laid a chew toy across his paws and showed him to chew on that instead.  I have never been more proud in my life.

We are growing closer daily, and as Blue learns more and more, Will and I enjoy her more and more.  Often times before bed you will find the three of us sitting on the floor and playing with a ball or rough housing.  By the end of week eleven Blue weighed in at almost 19 pounds.  It’s safe to say she is heading into a big growth spurt!  She is still fearless and resilient.  We didn’t go a lot of places during these two weeks and she is definitely learning that the house is her den.  We still keep doors to a couple rooms closed to avoid temptation for her, but in the rooms she is comfortable, she is great at only chewing on her own toys.

Until next time,
Jamie out

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when i grow up, i want to be an astronaut // from the archives

In honor of my past love, my one and only Jamie Daily blog and her would-be 5 year anniversary, here is a blog post from her archives.  One of my favorite moments in which I share my heart for the stars and how one can feel so very small and meaningless amongst the vastness of creation. 

my first time // in boone

I have been fascinated with stars and space for years. Take me out in the middle of nowhere and I will be content to watch the skies for hours. Clouds, storms, clear nights, clear mornings, rain, lightning, moonless nights, harvest moons, full moons. Everything. It holds my awe every day.

In another life I would love to be an astronaut. Just the thought of being out in space takes my breath away—where there is no air and no sound, and there are more stars in the sky than you can even imagine. Behind you is the earth and you can see the side of clouds and storms and land that you rarely get it see, on a scale that you never get to witness, and every film you’ve ever watched about anything at all would be diminished to nothingness because your reality would be so overwhelmingly unbelievable.

How crazy is it that space is unfathomably large, and that it is always expanding? What is it expanding into? And how is it doing it at the speed of light? What is this nothingness that is becoming a space that is so huge that the stars we see might not even be alive any more? Stars that have died years and years and years ago are still smiling at us.

“How crazy is it that some of the stars we see aren’t even there any more? It’s just that their light is still hitting us. It’s like their souls are still with us.” -Ruben.

It’s like how love continues even after someone is gone. Because let’s face it, love—true love—is unconditional. It is not dependent on the actions or presence of someone. It is not an emotion. It is a choice and a lifestyle. It is an impact on your soul—an impact that will radically change you and will never leave you.

When I look at the sky, all I see in all of the beauty and the majesty, is how Great my God is. I think of how infinitely large the world is, how much larger the universe is, and how much greater my God is than that. And then there’s me, watching the clouds billow in the summer sky as I float in an above ground pool in a backyard. So seemingly small and insignificant in relation to everything else. And yet, among all of His creations, God also thought the world needed one of me too. He knit me together, knows the number of every curly hair on my head, and understands every thought and emotion that cascades through my body. He is privy to the hurricane inside of me while everyone else sees the calm in the storm. He loved me before I was born, and He knew everything I would ever do before I ever had the inclination to do it.

He knows the things that have broken me. He knows the things that have strengthened me. He has put words, and people, and books, and music, and art in my life to build me. He knows that I ache for the unconditional love that no one on earth is able to provide. And while I float on my back in the pool that man built, and look up at the skies that are stained with the colors of sunset, I see again and again the promise of forever in the presence of the God who can create such majesty.

“Live from the abundant place that you are loved.” -Lysa TerKeurst

Don’t be overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe, by the size of your life, or by your shortcomings in the face of everything. You have purpose, and that unconditional love that you are craving isn’t as impossible to find as you might think it is.

Live loved.

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story time—how we met

Will and I met on November 5, 2016 (Remember, remember!  The fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot) at a photography meet up.  Will was actively trying to make friends in the area and had been getting together with a few of my guy friends.  After their meeting, they invited him to come to our meet up.  

We all met up in our church parking lot and carpooled to our secret location (aka, an abandoned school house in the country).  I remember meeting Will and shaking his hand.  I thought immediately that he was very young—19 or 20, probably.  Maybe 21.  As I was 28 at the time you can understand why I wrote him off as someone too young for me.  I sat in the middle in the back of the car because I get car sick, and Will asked me a few questions about the worship team and what instrument I play (the piano/synth).  I responded politely but I wasn’t my usual friendly self, which I really feel the need to explain!

I had just recently gone through a breakup and was still wading through the healing process.  I had also been experiencing the worst anxiety of my life.  As a result, I wasn’t sure if it was the right time for me to be dating, and was really worried about bringing my emotional baggage into a relationship.  So that is essentially where my mind was at when I met Will, who I assumed was very young and therefore didn’t have a lot of life experience.  I felt this deep desire to protect men from rejection and preserve their innocence.  This was of course very short-sighted of me, but I was consumed by my own experiences and brokenness and just found everyone else so innocent and I felt so unworthy.  

(Side note, when people usually ask us how we met I leave all of that out.  Haha!)

We arrived at the school house and got our gear together.  Will was very quiet and although my nature urged me to make sure he felt welcome, my experience with men lately caused me to kind of ignore him and at all costs avoid smiling at him.  I did not need some young guy falling in love with me.  So I ran off with my friend Calvin and started taking photos of a really incredible abandoned school house.  

photography meet up 11.5.16 photography meet up 11.5.16 HowWeMet—Schoolhouse How We Met-Photography Meet Up

We spent a few hours there before we headed back to church.  We all had plans to go to a corn maze that evening, so before we split up to go our separate ways I asked Will if he was coming to the corn maze.  Despite not wanting the boy to fall in love with me, I really wanted him to feel included and wanted to make sure he knew he was invited and that we wanted him to come.  

How We Met-Corn Maze Before(before)

There was a good group of us at the corn maze that evening.  Will apparently decided that my brother-in-law Jon seemed like a calm, intelligent guy so he tagged along with him and the two of them spent the evening getting to know one another.  The corn was super short and we could see over it in most areas!  So it was much less a maze, and much more just running around being ridiculous.  

At the end, I insisted we all stop and get hot apple cider and take a photo to document.  I was the last person to sit at the picnic table with my cider and I remember there was this huge gap between Will and my friend Stephen, who is married to my good friend Katie.  So I sat next to Stephen but then realized that there was then a huge gap between me and Will and he was sitting on the end all by himself.  I felt like a terrible person because I wasn’t being inclusive of the new, young, quiet guy.  Haha!!!

How We Met-Corn Maze After(after)

And THAT is how we met!  From Will’s perspective, he was initially disappointed that I wasn’t friendly toward him, and he thought that I was dating someone else as well, so he wrote me off at first.  Understandably.  

So how on earth did we ever get together?!

Next time, my friends, next time.  Let me know if you enjoyed this post by liking or commenting!  What story about us do you want to hear next?!  Also, if you subscribe you won’t miss any future content.

❤ Jamie out.

Oh PS.  Will was actually 25, so not quite as young as I thought he was.