A Tuesday in September.

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  1. Breakfast.  While living in the hotel, we usually eat their complimentary breakfast.  Occasionally I oversleep so I just eat at home to save some time.  This was one of those days!
  2. Still rocking that planner life.  Staying on top of my workouts, work life, blogger life, and wifey life.
  3. Laundry day is my least favorite day at the hotel.  The dryer hates me and it took me about four hours to do three loads (only two of which needed to be dried).  
  4. I always hang dry my gentle load.
  5. Day 49 of 80 Day Obsession was Arms, Abs, and Booty day.  This workout always wipes me out but I love it.
  6. We were in need of a night of relaxation.  Work has been hard, Hurricane Florence has been stressing us out, plus something else we can’t share with you yet (which is EXCITING but also STRESSFUL).  
  7. Will is getting sick (which he will not admit to you), so I made him some tea.
  8. We are going through Parks and Rec and Band of Brothers right now.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this view into our simple, normal, often boringly ordinary little life.  Don’t forget to give this post a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you haven’t already!  Love you guys!

Until next time,
Jamie out

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