Are you living in your everyday, or are you living for the weekends? 

It is our daily lives that make up who we are, and our everyday moments that make this life worth living.  Find the beauty in your ordinary.  Take some photos and build some memories.  We remember the big things, but the little things are everything.


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  1. My camera bag that Will got me for my birthday.  It’s the perfect adventure accessory, and necessary when you need your camera for #everydaymoments blog day.  
  2. Where I sit and work and blog and read every day out here in Arizona!  Curtains wide open with some coffee/water/tea, my computer, my phone, and the world wide open to me.
  3. That planner life!  I’m using a Happy Planner this year, and use it to time block out my work life, schedule photography jobs, make sure I have time to work out, etc.  It keeps me on track!  I also write down personal life stuff so it also functions as a sort of diary.
  4. Lunch time.  I’m trying to be good—eat a lot of veggies and make sure I eat carbs and protein before I work out.  
  5. William came home for lunch!  He’s my favorite, and he even loves me when I’ve been all alone and introvert-y all day and it takes me a while to become interested in talking to someone again.
  6. I work out almost every afternoon so I don’t wear a lot of makeup these days.  
  7. Our little hotel bathroom with our little hotel hair dryer and our hotel towels and our hotel soaps.
  8. Work out time!  I’m going through 80 Day Obsession (a Beachbody program) right now.  This day was Total Body Core which uses weights and strength slides in phase two.  This workout was legit.
  9. I always track which weights I use and compare with the last time I did the workout to make sure that I’m pushing myself to improve every time.
  10. Chocolate milk.  Not only is it delicious, but it’s a good post-workout recovery drink.  I’m down.
  11. Will got home from work a little early.  We ordered some pizza and then got a little cute (AKA I put some makeup on) for a chill and relaxed date night.  
  12. Going to the movies to see the new Mission Impossible!
  13. Our favorite candies for movie viewing.  Do you guys get candy and/or popcorn when you go to the movie theater?

Hoping you had a fantastic weekend and Monday.  We’ll see you next time!
Jamie out.

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3 thoughts on “#everydaymoments

  1. Did you like the Mission Impossible movie? I really loved it. It might be recency bias, but I think it’s the best action movie I have ever seen. And I usually go to those dine-in movie theater nowadays. So I get chicken tenders and fries.

    I am so glad that you are regularly writing again. Loved your old blogs.


    1. We did! The action sequences & editing is always really good in the MI movies. Very entertaining—would watch again! haha!

      Thanks! I’m really excited to be writing again too. It’s one of my favorite things. =]


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