moving to Arizona

Moving to AZ 2018

Moving was a huge part of my life growing up.  I have lived in six states and two countries.  For most of my life I have called the west coast home.  From the deserts of Nevada, to the valleys and greenery of the Pacific Northwest, with the beach life of SoCal, I have experienced my fair share of American cultures.  

In 2014 I moved from San Diego to North Carolina, where my guy Will moved in 2015.  Will, unlike me, has not lived a lot of places.  He grew up in Utah, went to school in Utah, and spent a few months in Colorado after completing his undergrad.  

We met, we dated, we married, and just two months later, we packed up all of our belongings, put almost everything in storage, and moved to Arizona.  (By the way, that adorable baby on the bed is my nephew James—Will and I have not procreated yet)

Moving to AZ 2018

God bless my family for all of their help.  My entire immediate family lives in North Carolina currently, which has been a huge blessing.  One of the things I am missing most in Arizona is Sunday evenings at my parents’ house with the family.  They were an immense help in getting us ready to move and my mom and dad put their many moves worth of experience to work in helping us pack, move everything to storage, and clean the apartment before we handed in our keys.  They even let us crash at their place the night before we took off into the sunrise!

Moving to AZ 2018

Will and I didn’t live together before we were married, and we knew that we would be moving right away so Will moved into my tiny apartment with me.  It was definitely a challenge figuring out where to store things, and our second bedroom turned into a storage room/Will’s closet for a couple months.  It was a relief to get everything out of there.

Moving to AZ 2018 Moving to AZ 2018

Day 1—Wednesday.

We were determined to make really good time on our drive.  We had decided to bring both of our cars so we both drove all day every day—and my little Mazda doesn’t have cruise control!  Our first 14 hour day was a real treat, I tell ya!  

Moving to AZ 2018

We listened to several chapters in The Hobbit and I definitely utilized Podcasts as, for the first time in my life, I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to hours and hours of music while on the road.  I found some good marriage podcasts, and decided after one go at it to leave the political podcasts to someone else.

Moving to AZ 2018

We drove all the way to Jackson, MS and discovered that a convention was happening in the area and almost every hotel was completely booked.  We sat in the parking lot of our second attempted hotel and called almost everyone in the area before we found possibly the last available room in Jackson.  We were so tired and delirious and just ready to crash, but we celebrated finding a room in a hotel with a pool and a complimentary breakfast.  It’s the little things!  Plus we had a sweet water view from our window, which we entered right at golden hour so the sunset was stunning.

Moving to AZ 2018

Day 2—Thursday.

We didn’t push quite so far this day, as it was our two-monthiversary and Will picked a specific restaurant for us to celebrate at that evening.  

Did I mention that we used walkie talkies the whole drive?  Because we did.  I was Raptor One and Will was Captain America.  It made logistics super easy, and it also made the drive a lot less lonely.

Moving to AZ 2018

No road trip is complete without tiny donuts, and I have discovered that it is specifically Hostess chocolate donuts.  I’m partially blaming my newlywed-fifteen on these tiny donuts.  (Did anyone else IMMEDIATELY start putting on the pounds once they got married?  Because I’ve gone from a size 2 to a size 6 in three months.) 

Moving to AZ 2018

Day 3—Friday.

We made plans with my friend for dinner this day so our destination was set, and a good thing that was.  We arrived at our hotel earlier than expected and crashed for almost two hours.  We were absolutely exhausted.  I was so tired on this trip that I never even pulled out my real camera—I just took a few iPhone photos and videos here and there!  

Moving to AZ 2018

We had a delicious steak dinner with my friend Regina and her husband and talked the night away.  It was incredible getting to catch up with such a beautiful and generous soul who used to be such a light for me in North Carolina until she moved.  


Day 4—Saturday.

Our shortest day, and thank goodness.  We were excited, and exhausted, and nervous to see the hotel we would be living in for the next four months.  Also, we had been driving across Texas for DAYS and finally seeing another state was a sight for sore eyes.  The mountains rose around us and the desert heat came in waves.  

As two humans who grew up on the west coast, were born in desert environments and small cities surrounded by mountains, we got very very excited when we finally pulled up to our new digs.

Moving to AZ 2018

There is a pond, and trails up the mountain right behind us.  There are cacti and free coffee in the lobby.  There are sweet maids who deep clean our rooms and give us towels and pillow mints.  There is a complimentary breakfast every morning, and a pool to dip in during the hot days and nights.  And there is monsoon season—OH is there monsoon season!  

Moving to AZ 2018
We have a cute little suite (#SuiteLifeofWillandJamie) with couches and a kitchenette and a cute double bed that Will likes to hog.  I have a little cabinet to put all of my workout stuff in and Will has a huge desk he can spread out on and work at to his heart’s content.  There are big windows I can open to listen to the rain and the laundry is up one flight of stairs, which is only inconvenient if I choose to do laundry after leg day.

We are super happy and are having a blast on this little adventure of ours!  I’ll let you know what we got up to in July pretty soon here, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it!  If you enjoyed this post, please like and comment to let me know what you would like to see from us next!

Until next time,
Jamie out ❤

To read about our first month in Arizona, click here.

Moving to AZ 2018

5 thoughts on “moving to Arizona

  1. Ok, I thought it was bad driving from Fayetteville to Winston-Salem without cruise control! Major props for driving that far! Donuts were much deserved. 🙂 I also want your shirt “Merlot it’s me” hahaha


    1. LOL! Yeah, I used to use cruise control aaaall the time when I had it, so it’s a good thing we use Will’s car a lot. ;] I got the shirt at Target last year! They have such good stuff.


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