Nice to meet you!

Hey, I’m Jamie!  That good looking man in the photo below is my husband Will (get it…  Will and Jamie… Wamie?).  I’m going to be running our blog, so mostly it’s going to be my voice sharing our adventures with you, but Will is super on board and excited about this blog too!


I have been running blogs and YouTube channels for years!  I ran a couple YouTube channels very seriously from 2013-2015, but after going through a really tough life transition, I found the healing process too difficult to do while being a YouTube creator.  That’s when I dove headfirst into blogging.  If you want to check out my old posts, follow this link to my Jamie Daily blog.  What I have always loved about the online world is the community that is built, the lives that are changed, and the stories that are heard.  I love writing, photography, and meeting people.  

Will, on the other hand, never ever posts things online.  He has posted two photos on his Instagram since we got married in April, whereas I have lost count of how many I have posted.  However, he loves learning, music, The Hobbit, and running.  He ALSO loves camping and backpacking so you know this girl is totally happy with that!

One of the things I love most about photography is freezing a moment in time so that a memory can last forever.  I have always been fascinated with documenting, which is exactly what Will and I would love to do!  We have been married for a little over three months, have moved across the country, and will be moving back in just a few months!  We want to capture the memories of newlywed life, share the highs of our highs and the lessons of our lows, and we want to grow in the online blogging community!

Right now, my intention is to post five posts this week (hooray blog launch!) and every Monday after that.  

Please let me know what topics you would like to hear about from us!  If you enjoyed this post, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe so that you don’t miss anything we put out in the future!

Until next time,

Jamie out. ❤

18 thoughts on “Nice to meet you!

  1. Hi Jamie.. it’s so good to see you writing again!.. and I am SO happy about your new life and new husband.. It was rough there for a while for you. I’m so glad you’re happy finally and really looking forward to more of your posts!.. Sending lots of love..


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